This is how interesting my life is. It’s Saturday night, not even midnight(when I started this) and I sat there and googled my name and email. It was bound to happen; I used to sit there and laugh at people who even admitted to sitting there and doing this, and here I am.

So here I am, I googled myself and my good ole Socially Distored page. What a reliable little blog-Go figure.

So last Monday they declaired it to be an official Recession. How does that make you feel? I mean, it’s not like we didn’t know that it wasn’t. There has been for a while, we just never gave it a name; now it does. So here we are, in a recession. Unemployement on the rise, stock market failure and I am pretty sure there will be a high suicide rate this upcoming holiday.  Be prepaired for a raise in crime, after all with a lack of work, and bills to pay and children to feed, retail theft will be at it’s highest. Soon we will see a major increase prison populations, causing a rush through, many of states are also lowering the standard of parole, or even eliminating it in general so a flat scentence is very fast.

Big business is in a downward spiral, causing major job losses, investment losses, and social strain. Pennsylvania is trying to past C.O.L.; and why shouldnt they? Afterall if our state is loosing jobs and money, why should government officials be getting rich at the expense of us paying more heavy taxes when we can’t even afford to fill gas tanks.

While so many were thinking the Obama oil wouldn’t burn off for atleast a year, I believe his light has dwindled for a minute. Atleast until he is up and running in the Big Ole White House. Although I am sorta interested in his desire to lift restrictions with Cuba. NOT to much as of yet, but atleast in re some political reform. And of course I am very interested in seeing who he begs, pleads and worships to get the socities financial burdens straightened out. On top of the War on Terror, and his desire to invest time on the at home situations such as healthcare, personal rights and reform in many other things that have seemed to go to shit in the past few years.

As always I am disapointed in the news, and what is considered the “news”. I am so very sick of the things people see as worthy of reading. It’s a waste of bandwith, yet here I am blabbing away as if I am worthy of the use.

I have spent the past three weeks involved in bettering my blog skills with the use of a well known artist, well, writer. And it has not improved my ability to get frustrated at the computer, or atleast the speed of my computer. But, it has opened my eyes to my personal ability to write. About anything and everything and tie it all together and get some sort of recognition from it.

Well atleast I think that I get something from it. But that’s my opinion and I am biased, and we all know how I feel about biased reporting. Anyways, I am here, I am back and I am going to blog.  So be prepared.


Final Closing of “It Scored Big at Socially Distorted”

Email to Mr. Kori
Since, you are not recieving messages via email-I will respond this way so sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

So your upset? I am sorry to hear that, but not really. See while you were “fighting” to get what you thought was right, I am using and practicing my rights. Sorry to say that I am, and stress often a very UN politically correct person.

I don’t dance around people’s emotions and hide behind terms, stereotypes and other persona’s; I don’t believe in one should be coddled through life, you asked what kinda life I have, or I am sorry, I have no life? Possibly. Not really though; see, life is whatever you make of it, for a breif amount of time through the day I sit and I blog, like BILLIONS of other people in the world, and millions of those people read the same story I did. I didn’t write the story, and I certainly did not write the “snot nose” part either, I did however find it amusing.

See, I find it amusing because your worrying about 3 inches of snow. 3 inches of snow! IF I could wake up one day and ONLY have to worry about 3 inches of snow and being premitted to stay home from work, Id be, well Id be you…and I am not. I wake up everyday and work, I wake up everyday and live, and survive. After college, job, relationships, this is what I do. I sit here and blog about stories (if you noted my blogs or if you just stopped at your name), I do so because I can, and will.

I am sorry you feel offended, however if your this easily offended by a blog, you have lots of growing up to do, as well as finding out the hard way what life is all about. And your gonna have to do it all in more than 3 inches of snow.
Good luck to you…

It Scored Big at Socially Distorted Part II

Devraj “Dave” S. Kori get a Life Part II
I’ll will refer you to the original blog about this as so you can re-read about the said story at hand.

In short a young Mr. Devraj”Dave” Kori, called his “dean” of his school complaining about having to go to school in 3 inches of snow. Mind you, they are located in Va. Ok, so be it…sucks-that pesky snow shit! Happens every winter though, While VA does not get LOTS of snow, they get it, along with a mixture of ice, rain and yuckie poopie weather during the winter months.

Now, Mr. Kori, if I can call you that, or if you prefer I can call you Snot Nose? You sent me a private email here on 360, personally…Kutos to you though, I mean, of ALL the ventings, blogs and short little tid bits I have ever thrown out there- YOU approached me with “why why why”…more so saying I have no life.

Possible, What I have in life is what I need in life, so when you get all big and grown up, we shall talk more about what is and what is not life.

Why do I blog? Why did you google your name and see WHO was blogging about you, or what story was spreading across the bandwith about your pathetic snot nosed little story? Seriously, I mean you topped the list on, above murders, kidnaps, political debates, financial frets and more…YOU Kori-“the Snot”, have made the list.

I being ONE measily little blogster have said LITTLE; imagine what others think of you on a more personal level, after they also googled your name as well.

So, to all my faithful friends at Avitar Nation and the like-as well as the following at WordPress, 360, Myspace and other’s I shall now republish this whole blog, with the original stories.


Because I have no life.

😉 nite all

It scored big at Socially Distorted 360 Part I

Devraj “Dave” S. Kori get a Life.

Are you serious? Obviously this “child” is not the brightest of snot nosed brats. Which, I may add, on his on recognicents, he will be doomed to that name cause he was a trend setter using “facebook” and Utube…while I only typically blog in certain areas, I can vouch that this will be put on all of the blogs for wider reading.

First off..3 inches of snow. Dave, is it? I am trying to figure out if your 1) lazy, 2) stupid or 3)serious and simple. Or, all of the above-if you took being called a “snot nosed brat” offensive, then your going the route of the PC world-which is going to FORCE your Dean to appologize because it was “uncalled for”, yet you calling that particular person at home, and stressing your concern over *laughable* 3 inches of snow, is turned the blind eye. Why? Cause people like you embelish your “stand”…No one cares that you didn’t get off cause of three inches of snow. Infact, I’d LOVE to see you get sent to some other part of the country where they get 7-8 and STILL have to get their ass’s out of bed and go to school and work. YOU LIVE IN VA! O no! Not 3 inches of snow! Stop the press, cancel school and stock up in TP, Milk and eggs…your an idiot-not a snot nosed brat, I just came to that conclusion…and NOW the media outlets are pouring your story over into the masses cause of your stupidity. Let’s hope that you DO NOT EVER CONTAMINATE THE WORLD BY BREEDING.

And the next time you want to complain about snow-make sure you have ATLEAST 6 inches before you have the balls to call someone and cry to.

Virginia Student’s Snow-Day Plea Triggers Online Furor

A Voicemail message laced with derogatory comments by the angry wife of a Virginia school administrator for a student who called their house about the lack of a snow day has caused an Internet furor.Lake Braddock Secondary School senior Devraj “Dave” S. Kori, 17, on Thursday called the listed home telephone number of Dean Tistadt, chief operating officer for Fairfax County school system, asking why the schools were not closed because of the 3 inches of snow, the Washington Post reported.

In return he received a voicemail from Tistadt’s wife, according to the report.

The minute-long message left by Candy Tistadt, in part according to the Washington Post, said: “How dare you call us at home! If you have a problem with going to school, you do not call somebody’s house and complain about it.”

At some points, the Washington Post reports, she uses the phrase, “snotty-nosed little brats.”

Kori saved the voicemail and posted it first on his Facebook profile and then on YouTube, according to the report.

It appears the original voicemail has been removed from YouTube by the user.

It’s the lyrics, no wiat, the games, no wait the movies…

It’s the lyrics, no wait, the games, no wait the movies…

Parents-Time to make up your mind. In the vast world of entertainment, wait-stop. Entertainment IS the key word, it is time for you, as parents to start the process of installation of morals.

I watch the same thing your children do, and have since I was teenage-I am not a druggy, a thug, a gangster, a hoodlum, a hoe, a danger to society (well debatable).

WPXI discusses the lyrics to “Crank Dat” aka Soulja Boy’s “Superman” song. Now go here…

(if it does not take you to the lyrics, go to “Lyrics” then “Crank That”.)

See anything demeaning or offensive? What, you say you saw the word “Cock”? As in “Cocking my arm back to smack you”? Which is how it is and should have been interupted. Instead, the wise ole members of WPXI interp. it as “cock”, a male body part. Hmmm

Note that most of the other references are all that of other dances. Why? O yeah cause it’s a DANCE song, and a DANCE!

See this is what irritates me. A bunch of news casters conjured up literal meanings to a song…then produced it to parents. And this is when I got mad…

I got mad because people will restrict their teens and like to avoid and go out of their way to avoid the such instead of teaching them. I know not to “fight” because my MOTHER told me not to! She installed some morals into me, some moral fiber to use, to use witticism and smarts rather than fists and violence. While I would LOVE to smack a few people, I have learned patence and understanding that we all can’t think like me 😉 This has thus created a comfy life for me, a comfy little conversational tool, a means of keeping the peace when others are all out to be angry at the world.

And for what? A song? Come on! Kids don’t get pregnant because the music told them to do it. Kids don’t blow up schools because a game told them to do it. Kids don’t steal, cheat and harm others because they saw it in a movie. Kids do it because they are lacking self confidence, self morals and installed morals and smarts from their family. And if I hear “Lord knows I have tried to..” one more time-I should break my “rule of thumb” and start smacking parents!

Laziness. O I don’t wanna hear “Being a parent is harder than you think” DUH-WHO didn’t know that? And my response is and always will be “Shoulda thought of that!” Anyone subjected to actually say that to me-“Being a parent is harder than you think”, is going to get a backlash of moral responsiblity, as I am doing now. So sick and tired!

Being a parent is NOT about being your childs best friend-while it’s all fine and good to be that, it’s more about being the parent, not so much restrict, but in education! Educate a child of difference, indifference and reality. Not some bibble babble dream of “You can do anything and be anything”, true, ya can be-but tell them with HARD work! Don’t get all half assed on them! Don’t say you can be anything-but stop the support there while you pawn them off on baby sitters to go out drinking. Whatever…

I am just so sick and tired of hearing the “blame it all on the entertainment” values…instead of the parent taking time and talking, seeing and understanding the individual likes in a childs life.

Thats the real problem-not a dance, not music, not a tv program.

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